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Anti-Terrorism Road Blocker


  • Design for ANTI-Terrorism, Anti-CRASH. 

  • 1 - 3s super fast rising & lowering, speed adjustable.

  • Whole-body'd be made of hard A3 steel (Q235 steel).

  • HEDGE-Original III levels of the security solution, make linkage usage with almost all security products: Traffic Barrier, loop detector, photo beam sensor, traffic light, etc. 

  • SHOCK-reducing cylinder, smoothest rising & lowering ever. 

  • Dimension: Length x Width x Height : 2m to 6m x 1m x 0.76m

  • Various customizable options:​​

    • Paint color: Red+White, Black+Yellow, Green+Yellow.

    • Rising height: 500mm, 600mm.

    • Length: 2m to 6m.

    • With or without spikes. 

  • Suitable for HIGH-Security scenarios: Airport, government office, police station, gas station, ambassador, consulate, frontier, military, prison.  

  • Standard: GA/T1343-2016

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