• Ling Liu

HEDGE won in Beijing Daxing International Airport!

The most exciting news in 2019: Roadblockers manufactured by HEDGE Access Control has been deployed in Beijing Daxing international Airport, the biggest airport in the world.

The project started from Dec-2018, the installation has been finished in Jun-2019.

Nearly 20 suppliers were competing at the same time, finally, they chose us.

The stable hydraulic anti-terrorism roadblocker are widely used in places where require high security perimeter setting, such as airport, government office, police station, military base, energy base, stadium & arena and etc. With the high power hydraulic system and steel spikes, roadblockers will keep all the threats away. Perfect choice for HVM - hostile vehicle mitigation.

As the most young & innovative supplier, we're so proud of this project, believe this is a milestone of Hedge Access Control to win the worldwide market.

Now let's take a look this project:

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