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About Hedge Access Control

Updated: Jun 19, 2019


Hedge Access control Co., Ltd. (HEDGE) was founded in 2014.

One of the most creative manufacturer of vehicle access control products.

Located in Longhua, Shenzhen, China.


Hedge Access Control - company view

Product category:

- Security bollards

We've designed & developed various kind of security bollards: fixed bollard, removable bollard, pneumatic retractable bollard (also known as semi-automatic bollard), hydraulic automatic retractable bollard (automatic rising bollard).

Security bollards are perfect choices for urban perimeter setting, such as schools, shopping malls, banks, stations, highway toll gates, places of warship, stadiums & arenas.

- Hydraulic road blocker

Road blocker is being used for areas where needs high level perimeter security setting, and hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM). Such as government office, police station, embassies, ministries, military bases.

Hedge Access Control workshop

hedge access control showroom & office

- Electric tyre killer

Also known as road spike barrier. Driven by electric motor. Sometimes being used as a substitution of road blocker because it is easy-to-install & easy-to-maintain.

All of the products are originally designed by Hedge Access Control.

We produce products with super quality & competitive price.

Outstanding service is also getting recognition from customers all over the world.


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